What Should You Know about TAMKO’s New Websites?

If you know TAMKO for its roofing products, you’re not alone. TAMKO is still well-respected in the building products industry for its best-in-class shingles and roofing accessories. Since 1944, TAMKO has been making quality shingles, transforming homes and buildings with amazing new roofs. TAMKO’s shingles come in a variety of styles and colors to meet the needs and preferences of the customer.


However, over the years, TAMKO has grown and offers a number of products in addition to its roofing. That is why TAMKO has gone through several name changes to reflect its offerings and is now named TAMKO Building Products, Inc. TAMKO Building Products, Inc. offers products contractors and customers can depend on to meet the needs of their home construction projects.


In an effort to eliminate confusion and highlight its line of decking products, TAMKO leadership decided to update its websites to provide the best overall customer experience. The first website is www.TAMKO.com, which focuses on TAMKO’s roofing products. The second website is www.envisiondecking.com, which focuses on the company’s composite decking and railing lines. The key link between the two of them is that they maintain the highest level of craftsmanship that has been consistent with the TAMKO® name.


So what can customers expect with the two newly redesigned sites? First, TAMKO.com was redesigned to feature a cleaner look, providing customers with quick and easy visualization tools so they can plan their next project. Customers can review product photos and learn more about each roofing product TAMKO offers. In addition to that, the website allows them to choose shingles by different colors and styles, and customers can also use the site to find a TAMKO® Pro Certified Contractor near them. The site was optimized for mobile use too.


Envision.com was a new site in January 2017 dedicated to TAMKO’s composite decking and railing lines. The beautiful new update to the site features many of the new marketing images of TAMKO’s decking products in use on homeowners’ properties across the U.S.  At Envision.com, customers can learn about TAMKO’s family of decking products and conjure up ideas on what they want to do with their homes. They can also discover what other customers have done with TAMKO® decking products.


The team at TAMKO encourages you to check out both sites to learn more about the latest news and offers available from TAMKO, a leading manufacturer of roofing and decking products.