TAMKO Donated $250,000 to the Alabama Red Cross to Assist with Tornado Relief Efforts in 2011

In late April of 2011, the United States saw one of the largest tornado outbreaks in history. Dubbed as the Super Outbreak of 2011, more than 350 tornados were confirmed over a three-day period. On April 27 alone, 15 catastrophic tornadoes rated EF-4 or higher hit several southeastern states, with Alabama hit the hardest. On a single day, nine violent tornadoes touched down in the state and 11 crossed within its boundaries.

Following the late-April tornadoes, TAMKO Building Products, one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of commercial and residential roofing products in the United States, donated $250,000 to the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross to help the region recover from the disastrous tornadoes.

“Having seen the devastation firsthand, we want to assist the Red Cross in the important work they are doing across the region,” said TAMKO President and CEO David Humphreys at the time of the donation. “The widespread devastation is truly heartbreaking and we have felt the impact with our own employees at our Tuscaloosa (Alabama) plant.”

TAMKO Building Products’ Tuscaloosa plant facility was damaged by one of the April 27 tornadoes. The plant employed about 130 people at the time of the storm, and fortunately, no one was injured. The company restarted its manufacturing operations at the plant in just more than a month after the tornado.

“TAMKO has been and remains a valued partner of the American Red Cross,” said Oscar Barnes, Executive Director of the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross, in a statement in 2011. “Because of TAMKO’s very generous donation, we will be able to help many individuals who have lost so much due to these devastating storms.”

Tom Deloughery, the General Manager of the Tuscaloosa plant at the time, commended the Red Cross for their critical role in the tornado relief efforts. “We’ve seen Red Cross representatives at our plant and in our neighborhoods,” he said. “We sincerely appreciate what they have done to help Tuscaloosa residents recover from the storms.”

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