New Announcements Made about TAMKO Shingles

Since TAMKO Building Products, Inc. founder E.L. Craig manufactured his first TAMKO® shingle in an old streetcar barn in 1944, the company has pursued quality and innovation in the roofing industry. One of the products that TAMKO is well known for is its line of MetalWorks® steel shingles, which the roofing products company in Joplin, Missouri began producing in 2004.


MetalWorks® steel shingles qualify as an EnergyStar® product, which is a plus for customers who are interested in reducing their overall energy usage. In addition to that, MetalWorks® is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). MetalWorks® is a great choice for a wide range of residential and commercial applications and is chosen by contractors and homeowners for its aesthetics and performance.


Recently, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. announced that it would now be offering its MetalWorks® StoneCrest® slate profile in three additional colors. These three new additions are Forest Green, Timber Brown, and Canyon Copper Bronze. Overall, its StoneCrest® slate shingles are now offered in eight color options.


According to TAMKO’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Stephen McNally: “These colors were a natural addition to the StoneCrest slate profile and they provide our customers with a better range of choices when selecting the best fit for their residential or commercial project.”


In addition to this announcement, TAMKO leadership said that it would be releasing its Astonwood MetalWorks® shingles in a heavier 28-gauge steel. For context, MetalWorks® steel shingles are offered in three profiles: StoneCrest Slate, StoneCrest Tile, and Astonwood. The latter resembles natural wood shake. Originally, the Astonwood was only offered in a lighter 30-gauge steel. This will offer numerous benefits to contractors working with TAMKO’s MetalWorks steel singles. Here is what TAMKO said about the new offering in an official statement:


“This is a win-win. We have had lots of contractor requests for Astonwood to be in the same heavier gauge as the StoneCrest products,” said Chris Hammack, Corporate Account Manager for TAMKO. McNally said, “The conversion of the Astonwood line to the heavier 28-gauge provides uniformity for the MetalWorks brand.” He added, “One of the greatest benefits is the advantage for contractors – they will no longer need to switch tools between the MetalWorks profiles during installation.”


If you are looking for some of the best shingles in the market today, you are highly encouraged to check out MetalWorks® and other shingles from TAMKO.